Gluxlite Automotive L.E.D.s

Gluxlite ( lux-lite' ) Serving the tuner community, with a more focused type of the finest automotive LED upgrades. We provide the latest design in LED lighting technology.   

  • We are your fellow automobile enthusiast who specializes in LED lighting. Based in California.
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  • We (Gluxlite Automotive LEDs) only sell our products through our website.
  • Our prices are very competitive and affordable. 
  • All products come with a 3 yr. warranty. 
  • We offer great customer service for application and product related questions. 
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  • Why shop with us? Every LED bulb is inspected for quality & brightness, unmatched by others.
  • Our LEDs are simply the brightest!
  • Difference between us & others? Gluxlite LEDs  are individually chosen & tested for exceptional quality. 
  • All orders shipped is provided with tracking information & real time updates.
We are updating our website daily.  Stay tuned for more products and features!