Gluxlite Automotive L.E.D.s

Question: How long does shipping take?

Answer: Standard ground shipping takes 4-8 business days. International shipping takes 7-13 business days.


Question: What is L.E.D?

Answer: It is a Light-emitting diode. When comparing to the incandescent bulb. It is brighter, longer lasting, lower energy consumption & faster switching. 


Question: How do I order or make a purchase?

Answer: Click on the product Full package l.e.d kit. And follow the 2 easy steps.

1) Click Add to cart

2) Input your vehicle information on 'note to the seller' the YEAR/MAKE/MODEL of your vehicle and that's it! You're done.

For example: 2008 BMW M3 4 DOOR.


An e-mail confirmation of your order will be sent after your order is placed. 


Question: Can I order different colors on the Full Package L.E.D kit?

Answer: Yes. E-mail us at or simply specify the color of choice on 'note for the seller' at checkout.


Question: I can't find my headlight bulb size? Do you carry H.I.D kits?

Answer: No. We mostly carry interior l.e.d lighting,parking lights & reverse lights. Headlight bulbs will be coming soon. Stay tuned!


Question: Can I choose the interior l.e.d. color of my order?

Answer: Yes. We can customize your kit to any colors available for your dome lights,map lights & license plate lights.


Question: How do I track my order?

Answer: After your order is processed. An e-mail comfirmation will be sent along with a tracking number.You can check the status of your order by logging into your account through our website.


Question: My bulbs do not work? Flickering is noticed.

Answer: A couple things can be wrong. Please check if the item is damaged upon arrival. If so, contact us via e-mail.

If there is no light output.  Rotate & flip the bulbs 180 degrees and reinsert the bulbs to the socket.


Question: I still need help?

Answer: Yes. We can help you. Contact us at


Question: What is the RETURN/REFUND process?

Answer: After receipt of the product. And you're not satisfied or for any other reasons. You have 7 days to return the item for a complete 100% refund/credit. Products must be in its original condition & packaging. 14 days to return & exchange products. Buyer will pay for shipping charges after 14 days has passed upon receipt. A restocking fee of 10% will be charged for all returns made.


Question: Does my bulbs come with a warranty?

Answer: Yes. 3 year warranty on all products.*  


Question: Are colored license plate l.e.d. light bulbs illegal?

Answer: Please check with your local area for vehicle modification laws.

Question: I can't search or find my car?

Answer: Yes. We have full interior l.e.d packages for most vehicles. Please refer to the link below.

Full package l.e.d kit.